The final piece.

I've had the 3 RAF crests to the left for a couple of years but I've been missing the one on the right which is RAF Gan, Maldives. Can you believe I spent 7 months in the Maldives and got paid for it! It was hell of course but someone had to be there. I've added  a couple of extras, in one I'm even at work (Flight Watch dealing with aircraft coming in before ATC took them over for approach, or overflying. We often had British Airways pilots piping up 'Gan Gan this is Speedbird XX', very exciting stuff.

So the crests, left to right, are stations I was posted to abroad.
RAF Seletar, Singapore (18 months)
RAF Masirah, Oman (16 months)
         (P.S. Motto is Arabic for 'We are self sufficient')
RAF Luqa, Malta (17 months)
          (P.S. Motto is Maltese for 'Never been defeated by our enemies')
RAF Gan, Maldives (7 months)
I didn't have a very exciting time in UK, apart from Bomber Command.
RAF Cosford, training, 12 months
RAF High Wycombe, HQ Bomber Command, Bucks, 26 months
RAF Boddington, Gloucestershire, 3 times 71-72, 74-75, late 76-78
RAF Rudloe Manor, Bath, early to late 76.
and a 3 month detachment to Preston end of 71, that was fun too :-)

It was a good life.

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