Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

Lacking Quality.

Shamed to say this is a webcam photograph, but I wanted to show you my 'new look' for College (starting in five days! :O!)

I am nervous but very excited indeed. It'll be nice to get the fuck away from Prudhoe High school, it gave me some brilliant laughs, and some brilliant people, but a rather large amount of those people changed for the worse, and I had to go through the pain they caused me, despite what I did to help them over our friendship I was still dropped on my head by them by the end of it, and frankly, I am done with people who are going to choose their amusement over my happiness. So good riddance to the lot of you who fucked me over.

Besides, my girlfriend will live on our legacy at the school, making people laugh with her smart humour, and as always, being more beautiful than everyone else, and obviously a lot smaller! Hehe. My best friend Holly will also live on mine and her' legacy, with our daft horse talk and the way she smiles and lights up rooms. They're my two best friends and together we are the three musketeers. I learnt this year that you only need the one you love, and one other, and I have the best of both of those. I will miss both of them terribly, but I am going to see them regularly so I am not too worried.

I love Holly and Bethan. Ah, it's good to say something I know is far past true. :3 Hehe.

Anyway! my camera's out of Battery so there's really not much else I could use than my webcam, but. I promise it's a one off!

I am letting go of who I once was, that smimey little girl who got lost in stupid places with stupid people, when really I have the potential to change people, and to help them. The people who hurt me know full and well that I can too, and I am sure they regret their actions now they came back to bite.

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