By InfotronTof

Quiet & Rainy ...

Tried to go swimming with the boys this morning but it seems everything was against us.. first went to the larger Bathgate swimming pool just to realise they were hosting a competition, public swimming was off, thanks Xcite for not providing any sort of warning on your website : / 
Proceeded to the smaller pool in Livi where a queue could be seen coming out of the building straight on the car park!! .. No swimming!

England V Italy was good for a half, shame because Italy got so close, I think they surprised everyone. At least the point difference is not as large as one would have thought .. maybe, just maybe Ireland got a chance on final day! .. In fact if I have to choose, then I'd like a Scotland victory at Twickenham.. yes I do dream out lout some times :)

No running this week-end, my body is sending me signals for rest so I listen!

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