Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Food Festival

Well, our annual food festival is on again... till 11th March. It started on the weekend but we missed the food truck bonanza near Burj Khalifa on the weekend (I forgot).

Today, G and I checked out the Beach Canteen's. In a new location this time, and lots of food trucks... my blip is one of them; well, the detail on one of them which really caught my eye. We ate our packed lunch looking at the stormy clouds over the sea, and then checked out what we could get for dessert and a drink. It was at opening time, and most people weren't ready to go yet, but a Japanese patisserie did the trick for dessert, and Nespresso gave us a nice hot drink!

My extras are of the beach canteen area; G posed for me, but the real subjects were the people walking around, and the second extra is of the 90 minutes I had to myself waiting for G's lunch time to begin. It has rained steadily all day today. The only times it didn't were when I was waiting at the beach (second extra) and when we were at the beach canteens.

Lots of road accidents traffic snarls due to the rain; it took over an hour to get back home at the end of the day. I feel really sorry for the people who were trying to get home to Sharjah. An arduous journey made worse by the weather.

The rain, I have to say - was most welcome. First time this year the whole city has had it!

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