Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Decisions undone

Damn, drat and double damn. I had already been through a whole decision process with my mum's collection of French stamps. Too much effort to research, all catalogued and value of stamps hasn't gone up so will be worth pretty much what says in catalogue even though 1971. So I had found that there are some specialist Oxfam shops who take coins and stamps. There you go. Decision made. Worthy cause. Just small insey wincey hurdle of actually taking to them to one of said shops.

But a lot of them are quite pretty, maybe I should photograph them? Then I thought decoupage as they are only worth a few pence, ... Either using them myself or selling them on the internet in cute little bags to people with more money than sense. Damn my creative mind. Why oh why did I not just take the damn things to the charity shop when I made that decision? Sigh. Back they go in the projects box!

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