By RockTroot

Florida to Shetland

I found this plastic tag on Bannamin beach (Shetland) on Sunday, and thought it may have been for marine species tagging as it was from the Department of Environmental protection in Florida, USA. So I emailed them, as you do.
Today I heard back that it was used by commercial fishermen to tag Spiney Lobsters in Florida! Since it's dated 1997-98, it has taken around 19 years  and at least 4000 miles to come here across the Atlantic Ocean.
I now have a lovely correspondence with the Office of Ecosystems Project in Florida.

Except from email today:

"spiny lobster trap tags are featured briefly in a wonderful documentary on wrecking (beachcombing) in Cornwall UK where the Florida tags were found.  The documentary is called “The Wrecking Season” .

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