Kusama Exhibit

Today, I got a chance to see an exhibit by Japanese artist Yoyoi Kusama, called 'Infinity Mirrors' that has been billed as 'the thing to see in D.C.' 

The exhibit, I imagine, would've been wonderful, if it weren't for the fact that there were so many people, we could only enter her mirrored cubicles (2-3 people at a time) for twenty seconds (yes, you read that right: 20 seconds) after waiting about 20mn in line before each of the six cubicles. That hardly allows you to find your bearing, never mind absorb what you're looking at. Very disappointing.

The main pic is of one of the mirrored cubicles; the extra is of a room into which you look through two small openings and where you become part of what is essentially a life-sized caleidoscope.

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