Shooting starts...

Well, great excitement today. The students from Stirling University Film and Media department were here filming. They are making a film on Craigynos, the children’s TB sanatorium in Wales.
And we will be going to Wales in ten days time to do more filming with ex-patients.
An added bonus was that I got to see an old friend, Caroline, who was in the sanatorium at the same time as myself and now lives only twenty minutes along the road.
Caroline was interviewed too. She says the one thing that stuck in her mind was the “casual cruelty” we saw as children-and took for granted, like children being tied to their beds (“restrainers”) for weeks as punishment.
No records exist of the 40 years Craig-y-nos castle was a children’s sanatorium. The nearest record is my book, which I co-authored with Dr Carole Reeves,  “The Children of Craig-y-nos”.
So its good to see student film makers from Stirling University taking on this project which will go some way to telling those lost stories.
They are now crowdfunding to finance it.
Photo: (from left to right) Hannah, film editor, Joe, cameraman, Maria, director and Josefin, producer.
(Apologies for accidentally deleting this entry- have re-instated it but lost all comments, stars etc)

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