Strike that. Reverse it!


Upside Down!

Today's prompt was upside down! This boy loves his Chewie, so had to pick this photo. A little Friday fun!

Today marks a week of no Facebook, during which I've decided to give up Facebook for lent too. I spend far too long on that site and find the negativity consuming on some days. I am really missing all the positive posts though and the world book day pictures. Apart from that I've not struggled as much as I thought I would. Tonight has been probably the hardest night but then I would have just procrastinated all night scrolling through my newsfeed. Have to say I was actually bored tonight. So bored I nearly did the ironing! There's a million things I could be doing but I just wasn't in the mood. It's Friday night not a night of non stop jobs, I felt I'd done enough to warrant a sit down. So I need to work on what I can do when I do sit down... not a soap fan so couldn't put the television on. Not that I ever get control of the remote. Think I ought to try getting back into my book. I suppose I should've caught up on here too! All these good ideas now, 7am on Saturday....

Think I've waffled enough, have a fabulous weekend. I'm hoping the weathers half decent so we can go for a walk, not holding my breath on that one. Think we need a dog so then we'd have to turn out.

Hope Friday was a good one xxx

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