Wine in her wedding veil

The wine, of course, is still in the grapes beneath these veils, which have been draped over them to protect the ripening fruit from birds. Nearly five years ago, in May 2012, I was asked by my brother-in-law to go and look at a vineyard that was for sale in the Moutere district. I went out there, and on the way back blipped the vines belonging to another vineyard in their autumn glory. It was a grey day, and the sky was bleached out  - I don't think I'd blip a shot like that now.  This is how the same place - Kahurangi Estate – looked this afternoon. The shot in extras was taken from almost the same point as the one of 2012, and I would have blipped but it wasn't as sharp as I'd have liked.
As I was standing there, a large pinecone fell from the Scots Pine above me, narrowly missing my head. I brought it home with me…. Who knows, it may be blipped some time. I'd never seen pinecones as big as these ones until I came to New Zealand; in Scotland, they're about one quarter the size of the ones here. During my blip-meet with The Wren last week, we were discussing how introduced species have developed so differently in this country, in ways quite unexpected by the colonists.
I managed to – finally! – catch up on quite a few journals this morning (and I will get around to more tomorrow) but then I decided that I ought to go out and about, as I don't now how much longer this fine weather will last. I went for a drive over to Ngatimoti, on the Motueka River, where I came across the Rabbit Hill vineyard and lavender farm, which Riwaka7 has mentioned as having a good café. I stopped there for a coffee, and a very generous slice of panneforte, and  then meandered back through Upper Moutere. I took a few photos here and there, but it was rather hazy and I wasn’t really very happy with any of them – this is the best of the lot.
This evening, my friend Romy, whose daughter L. has just started at uni in Wellington (she is a friend of Immy's) kindly called me to see how I was doing on my own. She still has her younger daughter – and her husband – at home, and thought I must be finding the house very quiet now. Well, I am, but so far so good! Now I'm off to have the other half of the Lebanese vegetarian dish that I prepared for dinner last night, and I think I'll watch some more episodes of the photography doco, Tales by Light, on Netflix… 

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