By tondrijfhamer

Go with the flow

Tonight it was sunsetnight. At least it was supposed to be.
I arranged with Ron to go to Oterdum, where we would go to the beginning of the canal where the ships enter the harbour of Delfzijl, to capture the sunset.

The whole day the weatherforecast looked promising, but as we arrived at the scene, there it was (as it seems to be every time this year): a thick layer of clouds on the horizon. During our first 10 minutes we saw the sun hiding behind it. Dissapointing!!

So, what to do.
Looking for an alternative we stumbled upon a spot where lots of water was coming through a dike. What else could we do, but 'just go with the flow...'
It was fun experimenting with it. I'll definately will go back there sometime when the sun wíll play along. The colors will be much more specatular then, but for now I'm happy with the photos I made tonight.
Thanks Ron for joining, a good luck next Friday!!

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