Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Sunset behind clouds at Oterdum

The sun has set behind the clouds at the pier of Oterdum.

Even though I didn't make a single photograph, last week still had two photography-related highlights. First of all, I won the Calumet Photo of the Week challenge. And yesterday, it turned out I was also one of the five Photo of the Month winners with PhotoTweetsNL, who will feature my photo Red Reflections for a month. I'm chuffed.

A day of relaxation today. Most of the day, I was out fishing with my dad. He likes it a lot and we try to get out together at least once a year. When I got home, we had dinner and then I left again to meet with Ton at the Oterdum pier for a sunset shoot. Unfortunately, the weather didn't play along, but that didn't stop us from having fun and trying new things. When the light was almost gone, I managed to get this shot, looking out over the sea. Thanks Ton, it was great as always!

More details in full HD.

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