Bravest Bird

H and I were up and out early, leaving the children in bed we headed into Cambridge for breakfast and some light shopping.  We managed to time it perfectly to see the first few thousand runners in the Cambridge half marathon. Not that we really wanted to stand in the rain watching them but we needed to cross the road they were running on. Anyway hats off to the flipping lot of them, what a brilliant thing to do. Runners watched, road crossed and Bills for breakfast.

Once home I set about sorting the record deck. Apparently when they are dismantled and put back together it is important to make sure the cartridge is not just screwed in but is aligned correctly to the grooves..
Clearly I did not know this and so had just chucked it all together, luckily google was there to help and with the aid of a template I was able to get it sorted.

We then listened to records, what a great thing to do on a rainy sunday afternoon. Playing records through all that fancy Meridian stuff is like taking a picture on my canon and then adding filters to give the picture light leaks and scratches. There is something nice about vinyl though, I don't think for a moment that it sounds better, but the pops and crackles do add something. A bit like light leaks and scratches on old prints I suspect.

Anyway it's all working so we can listen to either, all I need to do not is dig out my old reel to reel tape player and hook that up.

I got on a bit of a mission to get a decent shot of the friendly Robin. The friendly Robin who was suddenly all shy, unlike this little tit.

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