Cannon Fire

Back between Christmas and New Year I helped the local pub out when they were starting their brewery, and wanted someone with some brewing experience to walk them through a brew day. We brewed 2 beers that day (you can see a picture from the end of the day here).

Well it has taken a little while for all the relevant paperwork to come through from the HMRC, but at the end of the week it did. I got a call to say they were official, and the beer was on the pumps at the pub!

The first one, a 5.2% IPA went on sale on Friday, and was gone by mid afternoon on Sunday, and the recipe I formulated, a 4.7% bitter went on straight after that and was finished by Sunday early evening! It's flying off the bar, and now it will be a case of trying to keep up with demand.

Obviously I am biased, but both beers seem to have come out quite well. Pretty well balanced for bitterness and hoppiness. Good malt flavour. I think the overriding thing that needs to be improved is to drop the strength a bit, as both were a bit too strong for pub regulars, but from what I understand, the feedback was good.

It's nice to have a beer I have formulated on sale in a pub.

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