So Many Dancers

I am so moved by the dancers in the photos I took at last Saturday's Dance Lab that choosing a few from the many is painful. My heart aches at the beauty of these young people giving their all on the stage of the Mary C Arts Center. Of course it is really joy that grips my old dance-loving heart with such intensity that it hurts. And the fact that I can sit in front of my computer and receive again the wonder of that Saturday... Well... It is almost too much to bear. Or to share... Dear God, it feels like a labor of the soul. Like giving birth to some part of me that has outgrown the limited dance of my past. Too impossible to try to explain the inexplicable... Oh dear! 

Best just to offer some of the photos and tell you that again it is Summer who is behind yet another extraordinary dance experience in our small city of Ocean Springs. A once a month Dance Lab offered to whomever comes... (I get to teach Airth at the April Lab, and look forward to that). To this one came a small group of little ones, the older amazingly gifted girl in the main photo, and seventeen remarkable teens brought by their teacher, Tanya Hill Parent, from an Alabama high school where dance is an elective. I am in awe of this teacher. Most of these photos are from the dance sharing in the afternoon. One of the little children is the sister of the young girl above.

I am late posting this and find myself desperately tired: physically and emotionally, so it is what it is. Too many photographs, but so many, many left out. I really found myself at a loss to share such bounty.

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