Day 3 - Cousin's Visit

Today, we had a few options of what we could do, but all depended on how good the weather would be and how clear it would be.  All to be determined, once we got off the ferry.

And we chose well.  Off to the Peak it was.  On a very lovely, clear day and warm too. The queues for the Peak tram were too long, so we decided to take a taxi up (which was cheaper) and come down on the tram.  All very good and they loved the views and being up there.  Extra shows the three of us up on the Peak. 

Left there to head to Queensway Plaza for another Chinese meal, this time at one of our favourite restaurants, Crystal Jade.  Thankfully, they loved it and everything I ordered, one of which is my favourite dim sum, xaio long bau, (Shanghainese dumplings).  

We then walked to Central from Admiralty past all the wonderful architecture of Lippo Centre, Bank of China Tower and Cheong Kong Centre and the walkways of Central, through to Soho. Had drinks there and enjoyed taking in the atmosphere at happy hour in Soho. 

Took this picture of our colourful Hong Kong promotional tram in Central. I just love everything about this picture, the tram driver waved to me as he passed by :).

Walked back to the ferry, to get home in time to cook dinner and put our feet up for the rest of the evening.

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