Exposure to Light

By ExposureToLight

Monkey Business

063 — Monkey Business

We started the weekend with no plans. Checked the weather and based on forecast looked for something to do in the morning and early afternoon while it would be drier out. Mel suggested a trip to Monkey Forest as we had some free tickets my parents had won in a raffle.

I ended up with lots of photos of monkeys, most taken with the cheapest lens I own which gave some surprisingly good results. Yeah I'd love to have the f/2.8 pro zoom lens so I could shoot at a lower aperture but this lens performed admirably despite being restricted to f/5.6 most of the time. Photos are straight out of camera with no processing.

We had a great time there but some bad news health wise for a family member so we headed to Lincolnshire on the evening to visit. Our first trip away with Elowyn. I wish it was under better circumstances but it was nice to see family.

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