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By alfthomas

Modes of Transport

Timeline of a non-existent(?) plumber:-

Tuesday: discover that there is a leak from our flat into the flat below us. Plumber comes and takes a look, decides that the hot water tank has to be drained and taken out to get to the leak. Late in the day so he says he will come back tomorrow morning around 9am.

Wednesday: waiting around, 9am passes with no show of the plumber, more waiting, midday comes and goes I ring the number I have obtained for him, goes through to voicemail, so leave a message. More waiting, no response, so send a txt in the hope that he will respond - nothing - ring again, through to voicemail, don’t bother to leave message.

Thursday/Friday: after discussions with D below us we sort a new plumber, but he can’t attend until Wednesday next week. Fine, the problem will finally be sorted.

Saturday: Finally get a somewhat apologetic txt from the initial plumber saying that he will come at 10am on Sunday if that is ok with us - we want the problem sorted so we agree.

Sunday: Up really early to get stuff, including a Tesco run, done before the plumber arrives and turns the water off - 9:49am get txt, sorry called out to a problem in Dundee will ring you after midday. You guessed it, midday long gone and no call - 15:49pm, half time in the rugby match we’re watching, send txt for info, yes, you guessed, no response.

Today: Frustrated, angry and distinctly underwhelmed…

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