By RavensRoost

My Old House

In the mid-70's I lived in this house with two other women. One woman was from Tennessee and her father was a coal mine supervisor. It was my first experience knowing someone directly from the South, rather than a generation removed. I remember she had quite a strong Southern accent, and she was amazingly resourceful.

Salal is a native berry to the Oregon coast and was part of the Native American diet. Although I had nibbled a few berries over the years, I never really considered them as food. Not true for Katie. She picked a passle and made a salal berry pie. After trying that pie, well I still didn't consider them food.

Once to celebrate a friend's birthday, Katie planned a party & we packed a picnic. When darkness arrived we drove to the Japanese Garden which was closed, and climbed over the fence into the garden. I was concerned about getting caught, not Katie. She suggested we play a game called "No Bears Out Tonight". As I recall it was similar to hide n' seek.

My other roommate, Sherri, taught me about goal setting and helped me get a Pell grant for college, and write my Dad to negotiate for a monthly stipend. Then I moved across the street to my own place, a small one bedroom on the top floor of an older home. I lost contact with Katie many years ago, however, I remember fondly her sunny disposition, bright laugh and indomitable spirit.

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