twinned with trumpton


I struggled to get up; but I did get and worked a bit. Then a school run and headed off into a bright but cold morning. (I generally pick up work that suits me geographically; and I noticed I had one for the street onto which I look. When I looked more closely, it turned out it was the place I look out my bedroom window at; I thought 'nah'; but then when I read c;loser I noticed she is blind; so I did it anyway. A nice easy starter for ten. Well, three actually. I had three such visits today...)
And onwards through the hood and into Gorgie; around the West End; but an almost flu like lethargy underpinning it all. 

Still; I hit Comely Bank and then sped down the road for a Royal visit; a princess who occasionally visits this parish dropped by for coffee; bearing marmalade. 

An hour of world putting to rights (I think it was either coffee with me or barnacle removing from the bottom of the 'yacht' at the boatie club...) and then I was off to Leith; I got boxed in by a lorry delivering large pipes 'it's awright, pal; we'll only be anither twinty minutes or so'. Great,, my next appointment is in ten and the one after that is another 15 minutes on. So off I walked. At haste. Still, it's all good exercise. And eventually I wound up back at the car. There's a reason I bike mostly everywhere....
A school pick up, and then home to write up the day's events. 

And - I know - shock horror - a quiet evening in where I did nothing. Bliss.

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