White Heron or Kotuku

I went to Nelson with Riwaka7 and Mr Riwaka7 on this beautiful sunny day. After lunch in Richmond we headed home with a brief detour to Rabbit Island. We were almost there when we spotted this white heron or kotuku fishing in the shallow water so stopped to try for a photograph. We don't see them often so there was a bit of excitement and cameras sounding like rifle fire. If you look closely, you can see he had a crab in his beak.

Taking a pic of a dazzling white heron while facing into the very bright afternoon sun is not an easy task.

The beach when we finally arrived was a large expanse of nearly deserted sand. There was a sole man kite surfing in the distance and a couple standing watching.

For me, the blip has to be the kotuku fishing. Now to find out if Blipmate has done the same.

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