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Welcome to the Blipfoto Community Blog

Hello fellow blippers! 

As Blip Central mentioned, I am excited about starting our journey together. 

So what will this blog be about? We already have a very tight (some might say ‘addictive’) group so we see this role as simply facilitating or highlighting some of the wonderful people and activities that take place within our community. 

For instance, periodically, we’ll profile a blipper – perhaps because of the body of work the person does, or for the activities he/she performs within blipfoto, or for a unique style in their photographs. 

We see people getting together for blipmeets: let’s hear what happened during these meets. Let’s find out more about blip challenges: their outcomes and what’s in the pipeline. 

We’re also planning on using this platform to post links that may be of general interest – whether it’s photographic tips or inspirational work done by photographers outside blipfoto. 

We may also need volunteers for specific tasks once in a while. And we hope we can use this blog to find a few good men and women to help in the activities of the community. 

Some of the posts might be a quick paragraph (“hey, here’s something interesting”) or they could run longer when we feature interviews or profiles. We might post a quick question/survey on our Facebook page first, then run the results here for further comments. 

It’d be great to hear from you on what your expectations are (and to help check our own thinking!). So please put a comment below on the following – or any other topic that’s on your mind and which would help bind us together even more as a community: 

- let us know what kinds of news or information you’d like to see on a regular basis. 
- should there be periodic features such as profiles, interviews, technical news, highlighted images? 
- would you be willing to contribute news items or highlight photographic links you find interesting? 
- would you be willing to serve as a coordinator or news items within your group of local blippers? 

We look forward to hearing back from you! 

Michele (aka Alsacienne)

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