My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

Abstract Thursday

I’ve found it – my first photograph!

Granddaughter was staying in the spare bedroom and she had a root in a cupboard (which was strictly off limits) and found and looked through an old photo album of mine.
Thankfully no damage was done. What I did discovered when I retrieved it were a number of photos of me in my teens and 20’s and also, the first ever photo I took (in 1949/50 when I was 10/11 years old) for my Cub’s Photographers Badge.
It was of St Patrick’s Church, Nuthall and it was floodlit for two hours a night. If you look below the street light you will see the wires for the Trolley Bus That ran from Nottingham to Ripley. Dad had a Kodak Box Camera that took a 120 film (I think it was a Brownie 2) and he kindly allowed me to use it. There was a wall opposite the church on which I propped the camera on a couple of pebbles to get the appropriate elevation. It was a timed exposure where I held the shutter open for 10 seconds. For my badge I had to develop the film and make a contact print (with Dad’s help). I’ve scanned it and as it’s really not up to today’s standards I’m claiming to be somewhat abstract. As for being “organic” can’t make that connection.

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