By pooba


I quite like this image of the South Island Pied Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus ) it has nice sharpness and a good eye.  Its great to get them on the wing nice and sharp - not easy but rewarding when you succeed.
The xtra today is one of a kingfisher - just not cooperating. Its a young bird and a bit edgy.  Its (also) exciting when you're hidden away and you see them flying towards you to land on your chosen perch here he comes - bother landed on the wrong part - messy as anything !!
If it was easy everyone would do it - I had two birds do this to me today. Great hour out though. I've been moving through Mrs Poo's recovery and she would like to thank everyone for their best wishes. She is making very good progress and getting a bit cheeky!!
rgds poo

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