Woo hoo...I just got caught up on my journal again.  If you are so inclined....I backblipped about 8 days.  whew.....

Today, (Thursday) was pretty uneventful for me.  I got a whole ton of work done in my office today, and it felt GREAT!  Sugar had a good day at school.  There was a field trip to a Jazz Festival, and she loved it. Lucky girl.  Swim was great.  She got to see her cousin, which makes her happy, as well.  

Home for waffles for dinner (for her), and eggs and veggies for me.  I'm on no wheat and no sugar again.  It's been a week.  Feeling soooo much better already.  

I hung up the jellyfish I finished crocheting last night.  It looks great in Sugar's room.  Now she has to finish hers. 

Now she is in bed reading her book for school, and I just got caught up.  Love it.  Going to go crochet for awhile now.  Gotta start a new project.

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