Killing Evil in a Buddhist Monastery

Spent the day exploring around Pelling – hideous potholey twisting roads again with horrendous drops to the valley floor – the driver is good though and is careful not to frighten me too much.  The wife and baby were supposed to return home today but stayed much to my annoyance.  Visited two wonderful monasteries – the first had 160 nuns and was wonderfully bright and vibrant – the second was having a service and it was interesting to watch the monks reading from what looked like old manuscripts shaped like palm leaves.  Also went to a waterfall which the Indians love to visit and to a garden alongside a river valley neither of which were worth the effort.  In a much nicer hotel tonight although it is freezing cold as we are still very high up. 

Yesterday's link is now live - blessings for lovely comments and stars. today's PICASA LINK HERE

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