Is It A Chrysanthemum.....

.....or a Dahlia ?
Not sure which it is but I love it anyway, and it is my entry for Flower Friday, hosted by the very busy BikerBear, who somehow manages to keep up with this challenge no matter how many miles she has flown or driven that day,  thank you.

This blip will also serve as my homework for AYWMC, which this week is all about composition.  I have used the rule of thirds, but set my main flower slightly off centre to draw the eye in, and have changed the aperture to f4 so that the main flower, my subject, stands out from the background.  That is my interpretation, hope I have got it right.  I am so glad teacher doesn't come round with a red pencil :-))  Thank you Emma.

By the way, thank you all so much for the lovely comments, hearts and stars for my abstract Crocuses of yesterday.  You have put it on the popular pages, which is such a thrill.

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