A New Day

By ANewDay

Tulips from ..... Forfar!

I bought those in Forfar yesterday and have put them in a straight-sided vase in the hope of keeping them upright longer than usual.  They have such a tendency to flop!

Looks like we've had our Spring and it has reverted to typical March weather again, cold and wet.  Chose not to go out, so have done some housework instead, but not too much:-)

I have decided to attempt the controversial ragu sauce à la Mary Berry, with white wine and cream and two kinds of mince.  It smells delicious, but had forgotten it took two hours to cook, so our meal will be a little late this evening:-)  Will let you know how it goes!

Update:  The ragu was okay, but not worth waiting 2 hours for!  We prefer the taste of my usual recipe, which takes less than 10 minutes in the pressure cooker.  Also prefer just beef mince on its own, no carrot or celery and no wine or cream:-)  Sorry, Mary!

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