I realise that when the weather is miserable and I remain at home the whole day it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a blip. The embroidery is proving to be notoriously difficult to photograph and I suspect that it may have to wait until it is complete and cut from its frame when I will be able to place it on the trusty scanner. It is a similar story with the lambs. If I sneak down to try and photograph them, either they have their sweet little faces buried in leaves, or they are lying in the shade ruminating. If they are aware of my presence they are either charging towards me or climbing up me.

This is where we will be germinating seedlings once we have invested in some potting compost. It is also where I have been doing my embroidery.

But this is the second Friday in March which signals the fifth anniversary of my final session of cancer treatment. I had been really hoping that by today Trump would have been ousted from the Whitehouse but apparently this is not the case. However, it is still perfectly possible that he has in fact already passed the point of no return. It could still be that just like my cancer, he has already been destroyed and we just have to wait a few more weeks for evidence of that to be confirmed.

Fingers crossed.

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