Spring training

Zack and I went to a spring training game this afternoon. The world champion Chicago Cubs took on the Seattle Mariners. We saw four home runs! What a game. The Cubs were up by four runs in the seventh inning, and Zack was roasting alive from the sun, so we left.

I checked the score later and saw that the Mariners won by 1 in the ninth. Wow! Too bad we missed that ending.

This was my first spring training game in over a decade. The ticket (Zack paid) was $25. When I saw spring training in Tucson, my ticket was $2. My hot dog cost more. The Cactus League plays in the Valley now. No more games in Tucson. Too bad for Tucson, but good news for me. My friend Tim is visiting in a few weeks, and we're planning on going to some games.

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