Steve Dillamore

By Steve_Dillamore

The Best by Smiles...

Had the day to myself today so I went for a walk along the Thames. I was convinced I'd found my photo for the day with a picture of the underside of Reading Bridge. The reflections worked really well. But just before I branched away from the river I came across these old circus vehicles and decided that they made a really good subject for 'Derelict Sunday'. I like the way the greenery is slowly enveloping the red.

Walked back through town and eventually stopped at the pub for a lunchtime drink.

The afternoon was spent washing, ironing, tidying and enjoying the rugby :-)

Suffering a bit with my back right now as that is the furthest I've walked in a quite a while. I saw a lot of runners out and about this morning and couldn't help feeling a pang of jealousy every time one went past. Still, I have to look at the positives and I more mobile now than I've been in ages.

Last thing for the day will be picking up Tom from his late shift at work, but then I think it might be an early night for me.

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