Come and get it Dave

A sunny morning once again which was good as I had things to do in the garden.
MrsD and her sister left at 10am on route to St Malo for a week at the Thalasoo spar.
So after that Molly and I started on our main job which was to dig up two old roses from the back border and replant them else where.
It was quite hard getting them out as they were well rooted in after many years. Once out I cleaned and pruned them right back and found a spot for one of them in the same border but lower down and to the side a bit.
The second one I will do tomorrow as I've not quite decided yet where it's going.
At 11.30 I'd finished and had a game of football with Molly as she'd really been very good. I forgot to take any photos other than the one above but I like it.
Sport on TV for me this afternoon I hope you have a nice day and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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