Family photos

I have spent all day processing some very old family photos. I was pleased to come across the one on the left, at Fountains Abbey, of my dad and sister with me, aged 9, holding my first camera.
I don’t know whether I’d asked for a camera but my mum gave me this box Brownie shortly before this picture. She couldn’t remember what was on the part-used film that was already in it but when my first pictures were processed they came back with two photos from my parents’ honeymoon eleven years earlier. This evening I dug out those pictures. My six, all very blurred, were mostly of my sister.
The picture on the right, taken on the same day as the one on the left, is from my own first full roll of film. I see that my photographic tendencies emerged early: buildings, repetition, geometry, framing and an inability to hold the camera level.

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