By Veronica

Late blossoming

I have taken photos the last couple of days but deleted all of them -- low blip mojo. I took a different route back from yoga today in the hope of reviving it, and spotted this lone blossoming almond; most of the trees have lost their blossom now and are sporting green leaves instead. I like the way it glows against the dark background. Extra: an alternative view of the same scene.

Edit: just realised I haven't blipped vines since November! How did that happen?

In other news, the French presidential election seems to have turned into a game of elimination; the winning candidate will be the one who hasn't yet been prosecuted for anything (writing that, I realise that is actually the only way the official socialist party candidate could have any hope of winning). Current status: Fillon is being officially investigated for fraud, Marine le Pen would have been if she'd actually turned up for her appointment at the police station (she refused, not bad for the law 'n' order candidate), and now Macron's being investigated over a party he gave in Las Vegas.

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