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Looking for Good News

As an antidote to the chaos that is our current national government, I've decided to make an effort to seek out positive events, actions, and people right here in Bellingham and Whatcom County. Call it a belated New Year's resolution...

While downtown today, I noticed the progress that's been made on this building. Come September, it will house 80 low-income seniors in energy-efficient one-bedroom apartments, as well as offering a large community center, a health and wellness center, laundry facilities, walking paths on landscaped grounds, and other amenities (more details).

The Eleanor Apartments, built by Mercy Housing Northwest, will serve seniors at extremely low and very low income levels. There's a bus stop right by the building and the Bellingham Transit Center, with buses to other areas of the city and county, is just two blocks away.

I'm glad that I took this photo today, and learned more about Mercy Housing Northwest, which, according to their website, "manages almost 2,400 affordable rental homes throughout the region, serving over 5,500 residents in the Northwest"... and helping "over 100 families build and purchase their own homes."

That's a far cry from the "skimp on the poor and make the rich richer" attitude prevalent in the White House and most of Congress.

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