Colin P Witter Lock

We popped into Stratford this afternoon for yet another dental check up following my horrendous tooth and shingles problems at Christmas. 
The dentist asked me "When did you break this tooth then?". I didn't know I had. Then another filling on the other side was found to be problematic. Yet another long appointment to come in a fortnight. 
Afterwards we had a walk down by the river and back through the Theatre Gardens.
This is one of the locks that was renovated in the 1960's by prisoners from Gloucester Gaol under the direction of David Hutchings, a local waterways pioneer.  
The girders were necessary to stabilise the structure because of its size and the fact that it was built on silty ground. It was once famously described by a lady councillor as "Mr Hutchings' monstrous erection in the park."
I thought I would experiment with a bit of mono for a change. 
I've just added an extra of the sun going down behind our house at about 5 to 6 this evening, taken from our garden. The light was amazing.

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