Selfies from the Brink

By Markus_Hediger

Double Exposure/Image Overlay (EP2)

First of all, thank you all for the great response to last week's challenge. 40 entries or so have been tagged with EP1, and many of them are extraordinary! The jury (my wife) will select the best 5 tomorrow night, and the hearts will be awarded on Monday. 

This week's challenge will require that you do some research before you grab your camera. As far as I could see, digital cameras differ widely in their possibilities when it comes to double exposure. Some cameras allow Live Viewer function for double exposures (that is, you can display your first shot on your camera's screen while shooting the second picture and control the result) while others require you to "remember" the first shot when taking the second. Other cameras don't have the double exposure feature at all (like my Nikon D3300), but do offer the image overlay function. That is, you take two images and then overlay them manually, but still in-camera. There are loads of tutorials for every model on the internet. If you prefer, you can overlay or blend the images in Photoshop (here is an excellent tutorial). 

After discovering what your camera can or can't do, you have to make a plan. What kind of images do you want to overlay? How do you have to compose every individual image to produce the effect you desire? Again, the internet offers many inspirations. Use your imagination, curiosity and persistence.

I have added the two original shots I used for today's blip in the extras. I did the overlay in-camera and then processed the whole thing in Nik's Silver Efex to enhance some details.  

Tag: EP2
Go for: Artistic impression.
Heartdonor: My wife Carla (she's a painter and much more qualified than myself to evaluate works of art).

You can publish your contribution on any day until Saturday, March 25th. Don't forget to tag it with EP2. 
The next challenge will be published on March 25th (suggestions are always welcome). Hearts for this challenge will be awarded on Monday, March 27th.

The model, by the way, is my ever patient daughter Isabella. She wasn't in a very good mood that day...

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