Coming or Going

Didn't know if I was either of those for most of the day. Had to almost force myself to take out the camera and snap something. Almost from the exact same spot as yesterday's too. These landmarks take fill such a lot of my line of sight for a good part of the day it's hard to point the camera anywhere without them sneaking in. This is a new angle for me though, shows up the crumbly Abbey Craig cliff-face that the Wallace Monument sits on quite nicely.

The one day that I was all set and fired up for and had set off in good time to arrive and I get a complete blow-out on my rear tyre. Picked up a screw that deflated the thing almost instantly and had me slipping and sliding along the road. Good thing I had everything to fix it I thought; tools, spare tube, tyre levers - everything except something to blow the damn thing up again. So, it was a brisk push and shove along the last mile and a half, with me almost having to start my first class in my shorts. Things didn't improve a whole lot after that, but the tyre was fixed and I took a longer detour on the route home to make up for the lost mileage.

Taking the car tomorrow.

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