One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Genius or trickster?

Finn was not just a little bit proud of having solved the Rubix Cube mystery. On all four sides. 
Something that I never ever managed. 
Except the time when I took one apart and painstakingly put it back together. 

We lavished praise on the Finnzer for this amazing feat.

But now, as I post the day's blip, and am able to see it on a big screen rather than on my phone, I am beginning to wonder if there wasn't a little bit of interference with the colourful little squares. Some look suspiciously like they were lifted and stuck back on... 

I shall have a careful little word with him tomorrow. 
Geometry in space and planning several moves in advance are admirable skills. 
Conning people around you into thinking that you have amazing skills is less admirable. 
Unless you want to become a politician, a social media influencer or a stockbroker. 

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