Blowing in the wind late this morning - this beautiful, delicate blossom on a tree by the pond on Wooler Common. No idea what sort of tree it is though.

A day of constantly changing plans, and one of those days. (Don't mention singing!) We didn't go shopping in Alnwick or for a walk on the beach as intended. But I did complete the latest insurance form ready to go in tomorrow's post - hooray. It will be interesting to discover what, if anything, comes of it. And MrM has taken down our new 'security' light ready to take it back to the shop from which it came - it works, but is so dim that it's difficult to tell that it's on at all!

Once again we walked down to the local pub for a Sunday dinner. Very nice too, and home in time to relax in front of the TV for an episode of Vera...

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