By FrauPic


Really awkward German wordplay, mixing "Bau" (construction) and "watch" (as in Baywatch).
Found on the construction site of the new posh SPA, that my people from Gaarden are much opposed to, since their available pools - especially the outdoor one - are being shut down. Hardly any one from a working class area like Gaarden will be willing or able to afford the entry fee for the new one. That's gentrification.
Blipped this one upon arrival in Kiel, then took a local bus to drop off and change at C's. Together we went to B's . Her party theme was "travels" - so I went in diving fins and my outdoor gear, wearing binos and a compass around my neck plus I had her present (travel literature by Ida Pfeiffer) packed in a small suitcase. Met "Dorothy and Toto" and "Amelia Earhart" at the party ;)

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