New Year runaround

A very domestic day having the kitchen drain looked at (we have a collapsed pipe that needs to be sorted) and looking with dismay as, in a separate incident, water started dripping from the hallway ceiling (we have no idea where this is coming from - eek!) So the new year will begin with organising a plumber to look at the leak and the drain folk to look at the outdoor pipe, and talking nicely to the insurance folk. It doesn't rain, but it floods! Luckily, the hallway drip isn't a torrent.

I spent the evening with F watching 24 'Redemption' and playing computer games. Whisky cowered beside us - he's terrified of fireworks. When he practically sat on top of us, we realised it was New Year - the surrounding area sounded like we were in the middle of a bombing zone. Poor cat. The guinea-pig trio were comfortably buried in amongst lashings and lashings of hay, and were quite happy.

Happy New Year!

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