Just keeping an eye on Dave he never stops !

Once again a cloudy morning and no sun at all but I got lots done in the garden followed by Molly.
First up was to sow tomato seeds that I'd collected from last year's tomatoes.
It's the first time I've tried this and they are in a dozen pots in the greenhouse far more than I need if successful in which case I'll give away what I don't need.
I then unwrapped and put in pots 6 Geraniums that I'd kept in newspaper in the shed, again a first try to see if it works.
We then moved to the pond and installed the aerator to pump air into the pond at night. I also set up and turned on the cherub fountain which amused Molly.
Then I cleaned the stream of all autumn and winter debris and topped up a shrub with a bucket full of compost.
Heading back to the house with 3 wire baskets I was called by MrsD as a collard dove had crashed through an upstairs window and was dazed in the corridor. I picked him up amazingly still alive and took him to the aviary to rest and hopefully recover to set free once again.
I returned to my wire baskets and filled them with barley straw and went back to the pond to place them in the water.
These I've found take about 6 weeks to activate and then keep the pond algae free. I normally have to renew the straw twice in the year between March and September and they're taken out during the other months.
So a good mornings work and a few items ticked off my " to do list" and a few more this afternoon too.
I only took a couple of photos of Molly today so that's my Blip.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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