I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Tiny Free Range Butterfly

This was almost the first thing that BikerBear and I saw this morning at The Springs Preserve. They are no bigger than your little fingernail and were flitting around a plant. This had to be for Tiny Tuesday.

I had to crop this quite a bit, as I didn't want to step in the display area.

What a fun day we had. We got to the butterfly house just after the sun came out and they butterflies were awake, sunning and flying about. We had a quiet 10 minutes and the some schools kids came in with magnifying glasses (if you can image), so we decided that we might come back after they left.

I noticed that a lot of the butterflies that I took looked rather ragged. They must get beaten up a bit in an enclosed area. I liked my "free range" much better.

Today is Tony's birthday, so I better go pay attention to him.

Thanks for two days of fun BikerBear and looking forward to seeing each other sometime in the future.

Thank you, Freyjad for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

I am grateful to be pushed outside my five mile radius and spending time with a soul sister! 

The extra is a selfie of the two of us. Anni has a much better one, but I really like this, too!

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