London 22nd March 2017

Today was never going to be a good day. After months of uncertainty of timing and weeks of planning behind the scenes, I (Chris) had to put my whole team at risk of redundancy today. It's never a great experience briefing these things and although it has been well signposted over the past few months, the reality really bit today. The risk of redundancy is the same for me as it is for team. We've all got a few months to work out what to do next.

That however all paled into relative insignificance when this afternoon we were made aware why so many police sirens and the buzzing of multiple helicopters could be heard. Whilst we are about 2 miles away from Westminster, we could all sense the scale of what was happening, even if the initial details were sketchy. What a terrible scene it turned out to be. As ever, our emergency services have done an exceptional job but thoughts go out to all those impacted by the events.

I have always known that working in London had the potential to bring terrorism so much closer to home. I am determined not to be intimidated by it but it is so hard to ignore. I wanted a photo to represent the beauty of this city now seemingly under attack. There's nothing new in this viewpoint but that isn't important today.

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