The fool on the hill

By mooncoin

The end of an era

Tilly's first day back at school. Victorian themed. She goes alone now - her big brother having moved to the big school. So no more group shots. And the last one at this house.

Also a sad week for disciples of lounge music with the death of Hal David - one of the geniuses of their era. There was a great prog about this music on R4 the other weekend. Some people think its cheesy but they surely don't have an ear for music. I've always thought music from the likes of Bacharach and David, Jobim, Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendes was fantastic - even when I was a teenager.

I see another blip year has passed (I think - but I started on the 7th). Don't feel compelled to comment on this fact - as I've been pretty commentless myself of late. I must admit to having lost my get up and go with blip and just do it now to prevent the consternation I'd feel if I missed a day (Wow! I think I have a disorder!!) . But thanks anyway Joe and co for setting this thing up in the first place.

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