By heartstART


Had a lovely late breakfast with Nairn and Tim in Surry Hills before heading to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to meet Joanna. I couldn't get a taxi so walked down Foveaux and Elizabeth streets wheeling my bag, looking at the lunchtime crowds and reminiscing being in my old neighbourhood. I left my bags at Central and headed on to UTS.

I noticed rough sleepers in several arcades, pavements and shopfronts around Central Station and the University. Homelessness appears to be on the rise.

Joanna was in the foyer waiting and came running up when she spotted me and we hugged. A year dissolved in a moment. It was easy to fall back into our usual chatter as we stood there for an hour while I also caught up with Syb and Amanda. What a great bunch of people that I only briefly worked with because of my decision to resign and go back to running the short lived, (funded for a minute) refugee programs where my heart was and remains today. Given another chance I wouldn't do it any differently now. I'm very glad that I met the UTS crew and gladder still that we are friends seven years down the track and after just six weeks of working together.

Joanna and I ambled through the city for a few hours, stopped for a late lunch of sushi and a Scandinavian fashion store that she likes. These doll faces were part of the light installation in the shop.

I had a great time being a tourist in Sydney, a fortunate guest to receive much care and warm hospitality from friends. I caught the 6pm bus back to Canberra, my temporary base during these days.

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