Where to start............

Okay so here's a thing. As some of you may be aware I used to hang around with real scientists for a week or so each year so I knows some science stuff. Let's have a look at this bottle of water purchased for me by Calum during a recent car trip together.

I'm guessing the whole "vapour distilled" thing means it's been boiled at some stage. Where I think we might have issues is the added electrolytes. First up where are these spare electrolytes coming from? At a guess there are electrolyte mines somewhere and we're ripping through seams of electrolytes at a tremendous rate. I'd hope we're moving towards off-shore electrolyte farms but who knows? I'd certainly not want any of the artificially produced electrolytes that are cobbled together in factories. And what of the people working long hours to add these electrolytes to the water? Of course they'd have you believe that parts of the process are automated but there are men and women working hard to sew these electrolytes into the water.

I'm also a wee bit concerned with the effect of these designer electrolyte-rich drinks - electrolytes might be a gateway to harder chemicals. Should we be running this risk? Electrolytes today, free radicals or nascent oxygen tomorrow! 

I'm prepared to bet that my grandmother - she was born before the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk - wouldn't have have had electrolytes in the house. She'd have had no truck with this fancy stuff - straightforward Corpy Pop would do and that doesn't have none of your electrolytes in it and the vaporised stuff is allowed to escape when the kettle boils. 

So think on - we may be on a slippery slope!

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