Grand Canyon

Here I thought I was leaving cold Wisconsin for nice weather, and we've had every type of bad weather possible, all in one day! It started raining off and on this morning as we drove to the "Chapel of the Holy Cross", a small chapel built up on the rocks with a sweeping view of the surrounding area. As we headed toward the Grand Canyon (making numerous " photo stops" along the way), it alternately snowed (heavily), rained, showered us with little ice balls, and showed us tiny peeps of blue sky! It began to clear up as we checked into our hotel, but by the time we left for our sunset tour of the Grand Canyon it was all cloudy again. No sooner were we on our way than the snow started falling! The first place we stopped we couldn't even see down into the canyon as the whole area was socked in with fog, but by the time we got to the second overview, the wind picked up and the fog was absolutely gorgeous as it went drifting all over the area--one minute you couldn't see a thing, the next, an area would clear up and look like a vignette, being surrounded by the fog. Then finally, much of the fog cleared except for wisps here and there, and the low hanging clouds. None of us were complaining, as it made for stunning pictures! 
Thank you all so much for all the nice comments left on my picture yesterday. I haven't had time to do more than put my blip in, but I know you'll all understand! :))

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