Where's BikerBear ..........

 .............. Now?  (WBBN)

Combination shot with FlowerFriday24 (FF24)

Day 8/20 .....

What a difference a day makes - still pretty chilly but the sky is a beautiful blue with hardly a cloud - temps between 45 - 59F.   A top-down-in-the-car day - with the heater on!!!!

Scenery is stunning in this area complemented by the blue sky and not grey snow.

Extras today are:

Something that made me smile - and I hope it makes you smile too.

A snowy distant mountain .... 

Hoping for warmer times tomorrow ..... Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are.

~ Anni ~

Oh and thank you for all your comments and stars/hearts over the past eight days while I've been travelling.

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